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Unnaaty is a premium comfort and wellness brand, stocking eco-friendly products sourced from inclusive businesses that are founded by, and employ people with disabilities.

Aiming to positively contribute to the environment as well as the personal well-being of customers.

Alongside this, we are also changing the way businesses employ people, and educating employers that physical and invisible disabilities are an opportunity, not a risk to their success.


our mission

Our mission is to create a space where products with a reduced impact on the environment contribute positively to everyone’s well-being and equal opportunities are presented and promoted to the global community.

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  • We offer equal opportunities and fair practice for people with both physical and invisible disabilities, represented in recruiting policies
    and our brand mission.

  • Transparency is key; being open and honest about the source of products and how we can all be more aware of the environment is a primary concern at Unnaaty.

  • We pledge that all of the products we offer have a clear well-being benefit to our customers, whether through physical health benefits or mindset positivity.

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our charitable initiatives

Our chosen charitable organisation is Young Minds and we pledge to donate 1% of every sales to YoungMinds via Work for Good.