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So Radiant Firelighters

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Bespoke soy wax firelighter made using plum, jasmine, muguet, amber and musk fragranced oil and pine cone is perfect to create a soothing ambiance around you, summer afternoon with a BBQ.  Burn Time – Upto 6 Hours

Made in the U.K. using high quality fragranced oil. This firelighter is made with carefully sourced ingredients that are meant to both uplift your senses and be kind to the environment. Comes in a bag of 6.

How to use them:

Place them at the base of your fire and arrange kindling over the top before lighting the wick on the firelighter. The wax at the base of the lighter will ensure the pinecone to burn and ignite the kindling. At this point, add bigger logs and sit back to enjoy the warmth and the therapeutic aroma for the rest of the evening.

Weight: 400gm

Dimension: 25 × 4.5 × 13 CM

Material: Cotton wick, Fragrance – Plum, Jasmine, Muguet, Amber And Musk, Soy Wax

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