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So Absolute Firelighter

£15.00 £8.00 (VAT Included)

Bespoke soy wax firelighter made using suede leather, sandalwood cedar, amber and moss fragranced oil and pine cone is perfect to create a soothing ambiance around you, while you enjoy the warmth of the fire on a cold winter evening. Burn Time – Upto 6 Hours

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Made in the U.K. using high quality fragranced oil. This firelighter is made with carefully sourced ingredients that are meant to both uplift your senses and be kind to the environment. Comes in a bag of 6.

How to use them:

Place them at the base of your fire and arrange kindling over the top before lighting the wick on the firelighter. The wax at the base of the lighter will ensure the pinecone to burn and ignite the kindling. At this point, add bigger logs and sit back to enjoy the warmth and the therapeutic aroma for the rest of the evening.


Beacons Creative Wales

For 8 yrs, award winning social enterprise, Beacons Creative Wales have designed and produced wax products, hand made by people with learning difficulties and mental health issues. Historically the company has manufactured a range of uniquely chipped candles in 3 styles, 6 colours each with their own fragrance; they are beautifully wrapped, decorated and packaged in boxes, depicting the Brecon Beacons with their bilingual story displayed on each side. This process creates meaningful work, broken down into sensory tasks for individuals of differing abilities, creating valued work, for every member of their diverse team.

'Investing in people' is the core value of this organisation and company's unique approach to business is proving that through the social firms model local authorities can build successful businesses that meet both their commercial and social aspirations.

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Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 25 × 4.5 × 13 cm

amber and moss, cotton wick, Fragrance – suede leather, sandalwood cedar, Soy wax