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Press Release

A Bid for a Conscious Tomorrow

London, March 13, 2020 – The time for social responsibility is now. When Unnaaty launched last autumn that was their key focus. This socially conscious e-commerce brand curates premium fashion, lifestyle and home decor products with a conscience and difference.


Nishtha Goel, the founder of Unnaaty, envisions a day when all designers co-exist on a level playing field. Disadvantaged designers are carefully chosen to provide a platform where the world can see their products and art. In an undying bid to be environmentally friendly, the brand is extremely aware and conscious of being as low impact as they can be, from production to shipping and everything in between.


The platform not only presents exclusive and superior quality hand-made products but also shines a wonderful light on those parts of the society many tend to ignore. All the products curated by Unnaaty are made by UK-based makers. Unnaaty gives the opportunity to makers with challenging disabilities, presenting and promoting them on the global stage. Since its launch, the platform has curated products from Beacon Creatives Wales, The Soap Co., and Arthouse Unlimited. Simply put, Unnaaty aims for a better world with products that will have greater meaning and lower impact, while at the same time providing avenues for a more inclusive tomorrow. Order by order, Unnaaty is accomplishing this mission.


To learn more and place an order, please visit You can order from the website or learn more about their pop-up events at weekend markets where you can meet Ms Goel and interact directly with the products.


For further information please contact:

Ms Nishtha Goel

Phone: +44-7926772205