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Unnaaty's Forest, 1 Order = 1 Tree
Environmental sustainability is one of Unnaaty's core value therefore, this year we decided to make an even bigger contribution towards it on behalf of our customers. 
Being an online store, we are aware of the amount of CO2 that is generated at various stages of our business operations and in order to offset this impact, Unnaaty has partnered with Tree nation to plant one tree for every order placed on our online store. 
Unnaaty, Tree Nation Tree Nation is an NGO based in Spain. So far, they have planted over 7 Million trees across the globe and still counting. Their main projects are based in countries like Madagascar, India, Kenya, USA, Spain and France. Out of the several projects that they are involved in, Unnaaty has decided to sponsor the tress to be planted in two of their projects based in India. 
Unnaaty, Trees For Tiger Reforestation Project In India
Trees For Tiger - The plantation of 50,000 trees on the fringes of Similipal Tiger Reserve aims to improve the wildlife habitat and maintain a buffer corridor for wildlife movement for endemic and endangered fauna of the region, especially tigers. These trees will revive degraded, deforested and fragmented forests, maintaining the ecological balance with valued local tree saplings. The lush and dense forests provide tigers with a comfortable natural habitat.

Trees also provide shade, reduce water and air temperatures and contribute to the overall health of tigers.
Plant Species - Dalbergia Sissoo - CO2 140kg ; Acacia Auriculiformis - CO2 400kg
Trees For Slender Loris Reforestation Project
Trees For Slender Loris Thevangu, as Slender loris is called in Tamil, is commonly found in the tropical scrub and deciduous forests as well as the dense hedgerow plantations bordering farmlands of Southern India and Sri Lanka.
As arboreal mammals they spend most of their life on the canopy of trees, feeding on leaves, flowers, insects and sometimes bird’s eggs. They are known to prefer moving across the trees, rarely coming to the ground, thus requiring a continuous canopy to move around the forest, whether to seek food or socialize.

In recent years there’s been a lorises habitat loss caused by loss of trees and vegetation causing huge stress on their food, shelter and security against predators, which has resulted in population decreasing and consequently threatening this species existence. Depending on a continued canopy of the forests to move around, habitat fragmentation also leads to the isolation of sections of the population (WWF India).

Grey slender lorises are listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act of India, 1972, according them the highest level of legal protection and on Appendix II of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Besides the destruction of their habitat, lorises suffer a threat from poachers due to the misplaced belief that these animals have magical and medicinal powers, but also do to the capture for illegal pet trade.

Conservation action recommended by researchers includes checking the habitat loss and restoring the degraded habitats of Slender Loris (Dr Arvind Singh, Ph.D., "Save the Slender Loris Before it is Gone Extinct").

Trees for Slender Loris aims to do just that, trough the plantation of native trees to provide habitats not only for slender loris, but for a wide variety of wild animals such, wild boar, panther, jackal, Indian gaur, spotted deer, elephant, monkey, Indian porcupine, many species of reptiles and birds.
Plant Species - Caesalpinia Coriaria - CO2 140kg

How It Works

Once you have placed an order with us, you will receive an order confirmation email from Unnaaty, which will be followed by an email from Tree Nation - 'Unnaaty has offered you a tree on Tree Nation'. 

1 Order = 1 Tree Process

Together let's do our bit for the environment by planting more tree and reforesting the planet.