Meet The Team

Nishtha Goel
Our founder and director is a Buddhist at heart, who believes in karma and living a life full of purpose. On the flip side, she is an e-commerce ninja at work, who is extremely passionate about every detail behind the brand. Having dropped out of Chartered Accountancy, to follow her heart’s calling, Nishtha had a dream run with her handcrafted jewellery business in India. With five years of experience in running a successful business, she moved countries in 2018 to study MSc. International Fashion Marketing at a prestigious university based in London.
Having experienced anxiety and depression herself, she always found therapy in handcrafting jewellery as a part of her previous venture. Coincidental as it maybe, during her studies at the university, Nishtha realised the need of setting up a platform that would represent vulnerable makers from the U.K. on a global platform and that gave birth to Unnaaty.
A rare designer-developer hybrid, Sunakshi is passionate and knowledgeable about both the visual and technical aspects of creating a website. Her mission is to help bring more beauty, creativity, and good ideas into the world through web design. A night owl who loves bringing ideas to light at wee hours, Sunakshi and her team at Website Sketchers have been the back bone for Unnaaty as they know the pain points of the competitive world of online retail and its continuous demand of adapting to change.
Unnaaty, Social Media Manager
Madhumitha Srinivasan - Social Media Manager
Madhu is the face behind Bijoux Creatives and the brains behind our social media presence. She has always loved the art of spinning a tale. With Bijoux, that's what she does -- she tells a story for every client. With her creativity and can-do attitude, she is the perfect fit for our team.