The Founder's Story

Nishtha Goel

Unnaaty was founded by Nishtha Goel who is a Buddhist at heart, she believes in karma and living a life full of purpose. On the flip side, she is extremely passionate about every detail behind the brand, working with like-minded brands to enhance the eco-friendly shopping experience. Having dropped out of Chartered Accountancy, to follow her heart’s calling, Nishtha started her dream of setting up a handcrafted jewellery business in India. With five years of experience in running a successful business, she moved countries in 2018 to study MSc. International Fashion Marketing at a prestigious university based in London.

Having spent a lot of time on the shopping streets of London while completing her studies, Nishtha noticed people with disabilities were under-represented; with statistics by the House of Commons showing that the unemployment rate for disabled people was 8.4% at the end of 2020, compared to 4.6% for those without disabilities. This was something she felt personally, having struggled with anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for most of her life. With this she realised she had the opportunity to make a difference!

“My PTSD tends to put me off track,” she explains. “It’s been a constant in my life with people saying “If you don't put your head down, how will you be able to succeed?”, but I want to be proven to be a success and so do others who have dealt with the same.

“But people really put you into that bracket of somebody who's not as capable as others due to these differences, and for others to not give them those opportunities just because they feel they look a certain way or they behave a certain way is not how life should be.” 

It is these inequalities that are undermined in the community and can shake someone’s confidence. Which is why we have created an inclusive and inequality free ethical ecommerce store for all to enjoy.