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How we Work

At Unnaaty, we are passionate about design and craft-making and its widely proven benefits that provides relief to those challenging physical or learning disabilities. We believe that there is more to the personalities of these designers and craftsman than just their health constraints and therefore, we launched Unnaaty to provide them with a platform that is based on the principals of ethical buying and aims to take their work to the global market.

We work with individual designers as well as social enterprises that employ people with disabilities to create exemplary designer products that best meet the needs of their target consumer base and sell on their behalf. As a business, it is our priority is to ensure that any collaboration entered into with these vulnerable designers is based on mutual respect and under no circumstances their interest is exploited or lost.

As a part of the ethical buying policy of the company, we enter into a written contract with each of our suppliers that states our right to sell their products through our website and marketing channels. These contracts permit us to use the supplier product images, workshop images, designers interviews and videos on our website along with online and offline media channels. As stockists, we believe in giving credits to these makers for their creations which include, any bespoke product created by them for Unnaaty.

We buy the products outright at a fixed trade price and mark-up the products as per our internal pricing policy. At Unnaaty we do not believe in negotiating for discounts, we rather give the makers an opportunity to decide the payment terms and conditions that are mutually beneficial as Unnaaty is not a charity but a Private Limited company established on the idea of ‘Trading With A Purpose’. In order to be able to help a larger group of vulnerable makers and social enterprises, we would need profits to be sustainable and viable.

At Unnaaty we take pride in the work we do and the ethics we follow on all occasions. In case you have any further query on our work process, write and email to us at and we would get back to your query at the earliest.