Environment Friendly Packaging


Being a business with a strong social conscience, it was extremely important for us at Unnaaty to put some extra thoughts into making the packaging for our mail orders as friendly for the environment as possible. Therefore, we went on a hunt to gather sustainable packaging materials that we could individually wrap each of the products in.

We take pleasure in wrapping each of the products individually in unbleached tissue paper, twine and recycled cards. We are also working towards finding – an alternate to bubble wrap used for protecting the order from damages while in transit, biodegradable mailing bags and stickers. Our team is open to suggestions on these and would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Being true to our brand’s ethics and values is extremely important for us and we hope that we are able to convey those to you at different stages including your experience of unwrapping the special products inside the parcel because each one of them is made and sent out with a lot of love just for you!

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