The Force Behind Unnaaty - Women's Day Special

The Force Behind Unnaaty - Women's Day Special

Today we celebrate the power force behind Unnaaty #womenofunnaaty 

Often we don't speak about behind the scenes at our HQ but this women's day, we decided to introduce you to the wonderful women who work with us to make Unnaaty a reality. We also asked them a few questions about what they do and if there is a message that they would like to share this Women's day. 


First up is Nishtha who is the founder and the pillar behind all that you see -

Nishtha Goel, Founder of Unnaaty


What project did you work on Unnaaty - I founded Unnaaty in 2019 and since then I am wearing many hats - Buyer, Merchandiser, Accountant, and the list is long. Being the founder of a start-up is such a roller coaster ride, no two days are same, but I enjoy every moment of it because it has been my dream to create a brand for the people and with Unnaaty I am living it.

What are your thoughts about Unnaaty’s growth? The brand has definitely come a long way. I started it as a MVP (minimum value product) with just three brands on board. Today it has over ten brands and its own line of bath and body products which are being loved by the customers. I cannot say that we have had an exponential growth but keeping the current climate in mind, we are going slow but steady which is the most important thing.

Any message you would like to share on women’s day? I would like to tell each woman out there please celebrate yourself not just on women’s day but every day. Always remember you are special, you are capable, and you are beautiful just the way you are. Let nothing stop you in making your dreams come true.


Next up is the creative force behind Unnaaty's website and its business proposition. Meet Clare Martin from Blue Cactus Digital -

Clare Martin, Unnaaty

Tell us about your company: I’m Clare Martin, founder of Blue Cactus Digital and Confident Tiger. I am passionate about supporting businesses and individuals believe in themselves and reach their goals. I focus on three things: people, planet and profit, ensuring we are all uplifting and supporting each other.

Tell us about your journey with Unnaaty: I helped Unnaaty develop its new brand vision, translated this into its visual branding, updated website and marketing funnels to tell the story of Unnaaty in a more coherent way.
I think Unnaaty is an amazing brand, showcasing wonderful products, made by even more amazing, Nishtha has developed a brand that represents so much more than just the products and is testament to the fact that when we give others a chance to grow, they will grow fast!

Special Note: Keep being amazing! You can pursue your dreams, whatever they are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. We are most powerful when we work together, encourage each other and spread positivity to those that need to hear it.


Most business now a days need a lot of creative/design input and so we partnered with Shelagh Markham from Juice Design Ltd. who has designed our brand new eco-friendly packaging and much more - 

Shelagh Markham, Unnaaty

Tell us about your company? Juice Design Ltd was founded and is run by Shelagh Markham. After completing a Foundation Diploma at Epsom School of Art & Design, Shelagh gained a Bachelor of Arts with Hons degree at the Kent Institute of Art and Design (KIAD) now Kent University. Shelagh worked for a number of years as a graphic designer in an advertising company based in Camden, London. Juice Design was started in 2000 & this award-winning business is now in its 22nd year!

Tell us about your journey with Unnaaty: I was fortunate to get the chance to work with Nishtha designing the new business logo & identity for Unnaaty. I also designed the product packaging and other associated print media.I am proud & excited to have been there from the start and see Unnaaty grow and expand.

Special Note: As a woman running her own business, it is fantastic to collaborate with & work with other women business owners like Nishtha, & be part of a business that offers equal opportunities & where well-being is integral to the business.


In today's digital world a lot of it is about aesthetics and good pictures. Meet Liesel Bockl who has captured some of the most beautiful images for the brand - 

Liesel Bockl, Unnaaty

Tell us about your company - Hello I’m Liesel. I am a commercial photographer with a focus on food and product photography. I work from my studio in Sheen as well as on location. My clients include sustainable and luxury lifestyle brands, gourmet food and drink brands as well as museums and restaurants. For me, creating something completely from scratch is immensely satisfying. I love the adrenaline rush I get when a shoot begins, and enjoy the focus required to do a good job. I love collaborating with my clients to achieve a common goal.

I love that I can be part of their business journey and help them achieve their goals. I also enjoy the problem-solving aspect of photography. I am constantly tapping into my creative and analytical sides when shooting. I also love that through my work I can get to take a glimpse into what we are feeling as a society by seeing the trends and popular styles my clients ask for or I see my colleges using.

Tell us about your journey with Unnaaty: Nishtha came to me when her photographer pulled out of a shoot last minute, so it was luck that brought us together! The Unnaaty website was going through a rebrand, and she needed some deeper, richer imagery to go with the new visual direction the brand was taking. We spent a day working together, she is a great stylist and has lovely hands which was useful for the shoot!

I love the concept behind Unnaaty, to promote products that have a positive impact on the world we live in. We all need things to live but it’s empowering to think how much change can happen if we thought more about what we bought and who we were supporting through our purchases.

Special Note: Love what you do! I love being a photographer. We all can achieve great things when we are doing what we love and in our “element”. Somebody once said you have to do something 30,000 times to become an expert...Practice makes better but if you love what you do it feels like play time.


And last but not the least, meet the brain behind Unnaaty's social media marketing. Anushi kampani and her team from Social Media By A.K. has brought a refreshing change to our social media presence - 

Anushi kampani, Unnaaty

What project did you work on with Unnaaty? We worked together on mainly building Unnaatys' Social Media presence, primarily on instagram. Right from introducing the brands' new look & feel, to building the page in terms of aesthetics, we developed a go-to-market strategy focusing on follower increase, sales & nailing the design language!

What are your thoughts about Unnaaty and its growth? Their growth has been impeccable! From locally sourcing products that are sustainable, to finally launching products under their own name, Nishtha has put in great effort to leverage the brands' presence in the UK Market. Keeping in mind the future goals, we're eager to see how she transitions this beautiful brand into something even more exciting! Kudos to you Nishtha!

Any message you would like to share on women’s day: Stand strong - Fall down - stand back up & never give in to something you do not believe in. Prioritize yourself, and the world will follow! I truly believe the trick to a successful entrepreneur is being compassionate even to the ones who hurt you on the way, and focusing on ONE GOAL that is to succeed & to be an inspiration for those who wish to be where you are!


It was a treat to hear from all the #womenofunnaaty. We are a small team at the moment but rather a powerful one. Cheers to each one of them!

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