Black Friday and Cyber Monday are days for hefty discounts and bargains. In short a way to lure customers into shopping online and clearing heaps of stock for your favourite brands and sometimes even trying some of their new launches at a bargain price.

However, we at Unnaaty have decided to say ‘No’ to the norm of announcing special offers on these two occasions for one simple reason, ‘Some special offers may have negative impacts.’

Here’s why…

Each product curated by Unnaaty, is made using finest quality raw materials which helps in contributing to your health by them being paraben (a kind of toxic preservative) free and vegan friendly. Also, each of the supplier that we associate with ensures that there is no compromise in not just the raw materials used in making the final product but also the quality of the packaging these products are delivered in.

All the products sold by Unnaaty are packed in cardboard boxes, recycled milk bottles, glass and tin jars or bio-degradable wood pulp which looks like plastic but is not! Getting all of these together for us to be able to offer premium products which set us apart from our competitors,  require immense efforts and investment by us as well as the brands we associate with. 

Not just this, since each product that we curate for Unnaaty is made by social enterprises which employ people with various kinds of physical or learning disabilities, as a part of support and ethical trade process followed by us, we let the makers decide the terms at which we purchase their products for resale and never push them for discounts in the view of generating higher profit margins for the brand. As you may know, these social enterprises are not for profit i.e. whatever money they earn is reinvested into the business which helps in paying fair wages to those employed and also, in generating more employment for people with vulnerabilities. Therefore, as a brand, our aim is to promote their products to a wider audience at genuine prices along with being viable and sustainable as a business. 

This is not the end of the story, all the products curated by us are handmade by these vulnerable makers and there is no bargain for products that are felt from the heart and made by hands.

And we hope that because of these reasons, you would stand by us in this decision and choose #productswithapurpose over discounted ones.

Many Thanks,

Team Unnaaty

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