Behind The Scenes, Unnaaty

National Lockdown 2.0

Here in the U.K. we have gone back to where it all began 7 months ago. The entire nation is pushed back with the current lockdown that has started from today i.e. 5th November, 2020. I know it is something which is not easy to cope up with more so when we all had started to hope that the end of 2020 would bring in some normality to this year. 

Having said that, we have to do things that are right for us as a community even though, it hasn't been an easy ride for most of us and the story has been the same at Unnaaty's HQ as well.

Last year, I had started this business with the hope that it will reach out to 10 times more people than it has managed to this year but instead of dwelling upon things that have not happened, I choose to look at how far we have come despite all the resistance from the external environment.

This year taught me how to be grateful for smallest of things such as the food on my plate and the roof over my head. For a team that has been working tirelessly behind the scenes. For a bunch of suppliers who have been extremely cooperative and respectful towards certain business decisions, and have helped us maintain a continuous supply of products that are loved by all our customers. Lastly, for your support towards a new brand which is yet to establish itself in the real world. 

My heart goes out to the entire human race for being at the receiving end of this pandemic. My thoughts are with you and with all the other small businesses like Unnaaty who have been forced to close doors for the next four weeks and/or cancel all their offline events. 

Behind The Scenes, Unnaaty

We at Unnaaty are re-adapting to the work from home environment. This time it seems to be a bit more easy than it was in March, 2020. I cannot thank you enough for your continuous support - We wouldn't be here without you. If any of the eco-friendly gifts that we curate on our online store can bring a smile, a sense of reassurance and calm for you or for someone you love, the entire team at Unnaaty would feel that we have done our bit for this year. 

Before I sign off, I want to say that please stay strong and keep safe during this lockdown period. In case it becomes a bit overwhelming, reach out to people around and talk. Being an anxious self, I have realised, talking to people really helps while coping with uncertain scenarios.

In case of emergency, you may call Samariton at - 116 123

and please remember, if not anybody else, I am here if you need someone to have a quick chat with. Send me a direct message on Unnaaty's instagram profile and I will try and help to the best I can. 

Sending lots of love and positive vibes your way. 

- Nishtha 

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