Organic soaps have a tendency to melt faster when compared to the chemical based ones, which have added preservatives to increase the life of the soap bar. Here are some of the useful tips that will help you make your favourite soap bar last longer in the shower.

1. Use triple milled soaps – Triple milled soaps are made under high pressure, making the soap harder and dense. These soaps last longer because they have less air in them.

2. Air dry the soap – Let the soap dry completely between use.

3. Cure the soap bar – Store the new bars of soap in a place with no humidity for example, in a cupboard between layers of linen. This will make the bar dry out completely, making it harder. This will prevent the soap from melting after the water hits it for the first time.

4. Store the soap high and dry – Always keep the soap in a dry soap dish after use. Store the soap in a high shelf away from water. If possible, store the soap at the other end of the shower for it to dry out quickly.

5. Cut the bar into small pieces – With this smaller sections of your favourite soap bar will be exposed to water and therefore, there will be less wastage because of melting.


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