We tend to associate candles with festive moments such as birthday, Christmas or candle lit dinners but there is more that can be associated with the soft light of a candle and the various scents that form a part of the poured wax.

Scented candles are proven to sooth us. For centuries, they have been used in rituals to promote healing and cleanse energies as their light makes then a perfect aid for relaxation. Some of the most relaxing scents are made from essential oils. However, artificial fragrance can also be used as an alternative to fill your home with the calming effect.

Our sense of smell is extremely powerful and it should not be underestimated. The scent in the candle stimulates the part of your brain that is connected with memory and mood and provides positive psychological effect that helps you relax or get mental clarity. There are some specific scents such as lavender, apple and others that help reduce the feeling of fear and anxiety where as, sandalwood help you relax and clams your body and mind.

Once you have chosen your candle, make it a part of your daily morning or evening routine to create and enjoy a moment of calmness and true bliss. Find your favourite spot in a well-ventilated area of your home and spend a few moments everyday, quietly sitting in that space, enjoying the beauty of the soft candle flames, inhaling the scent and sensing the magic of the aroma as you sink into the mode of relaxation.

You can also make candles a part of your daily bathing routine. The next time you take a shower or soak in the tub, turn-off the light and use candles instead. The soothing effect of scented candles along with the warm water can prove to be a double doze of relaxation.

Some of the most popular candle scents are –

Sandalwood – For calmness

Lavender – To reduce stress

Lemon – To uplift your mood

Jasmin – To relax

Peppermint – To lift your spirit almost immediately

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